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mr. stickman should be in cs:go
/ \

so cool

you are one of my favortie animators on N-G.
i think you need a new computer.
dont make the chosen one again or the dark lord make a pop-up blocker instead and comand do every thing is say didnt disapoint me.
please make more.
signed by: halflifefan aka trigen13 on psn

bloody awsome

i think this should have been called final revange

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IaMI2002 responds:

Thanks! Good title, I like it! I was actually gonna call it Death mansion 3 because it was a 3 part series. I would be too embarrassed if people were to watch the older ones so I kept it as final mansion as in the final episode.

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the levels get to hard at one stage u cant get past these fraking spikes!
disable the spikes on that level once u get the crysals


i am giving this a one beacause of the music but this was f***ing laging.
i find this is boring as well and if people are to give this a 5 star and over well they are stupid!!!!!

f*** awesome!

like all the other reviewers i mostly liked the bosses but i have one question
how come a fat zombie can run but the rest can't? plz anyone who reads this answer my question. but still f*** awesome!

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my brother (DarkFireAngel31) every time i can here his music it happens to be this song to i am ok that sounds cool so i look it up and listen to it look at the comments and who happens to be the last person to comment on it my bro of course but yeah beautiful music.


This song is like my favorite video games awsome around every turn i just love it dude this is a master piece

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DJ-Frosted responds:

thanks tons :D comments like this mean a lot to me thanks bro


i have all the half life games except one blue shift lolz i love half life

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Full on!

I know I don't understand the laguage but the picture is still cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nom nom nom zombie

army of darkness its ok but evil dead 2 is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better

ronnieraccoon responds:

I'm honestly torn on which one I like more. ED2 worked better as a horror movie that actually had horror in it, while AoD had the better one-liners.


neeeeeeeeeeds boobs *dies of lack of boobs*

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